2014 겨울 인턴 – Thales Brant Ferreira

 안녕하세요! Hello! Oi!

First I would like to thank Mintech to have accepted me as an international intern and let me to experience all that I have had during my internship period. Since I arrived in Korea, everything was a challenge for me and I did not expected less from the internship in a real Korean IT company. I entered at the company on January 2nd and I met my mentor Jin Changhoon who was very kind since that day and the others who also were very receptive.
During the first two weeks I was introduced to Android Programming Language, thus I learned many concepts, where to look for help/libraries, met many softwares to use during any development and gladly, this have awaken my willing to learn even more this programming language.
After that, I faced the Ruby on Rails, a powerful open-source web framework, which I got amazed how everything works and sometimes doubts came up about how all the magic implemented on this incredible framework really works well. Developing for Web from scratch to deployment was not so easy as it is using Ruby on Rails!
In February, I started learning the Objective-C Programming Language to develop apps to iOS. I have never touched an Apple device before, and I really enjoyed developing for it, once it is very intuitive and productive. (***  YES, I had a MacBook Air only for myself to develop the apps =D ***)
And to finish, I created an app in iOS and the same in Android to communicate both with Ruby on Rails.
My objective in this company was to get as much knowledge as possible in mobile and web development and I honestly have to say that I have had success on that. I feel satisfied with everything that I learned and I keep on wanting to look for more knowledge in the computer field.
About my daily life, it was not easy at all. It was 9h in the company per day and life in Seoul is very expensive and stressful. Everyday I tried a different Korean dish that I did not experienced before and actually I did enjoyed every bite of Korean food (veeeeery different from university food). The company is located in the Garosu-gil street, known as a very famous for fashion and expensive region in Gangnam, thus, there are many kinds of restaurants and coffee shops around the area we could enjoy together with the Mintech Team.
The only problem I see during the internship is the language barrier. It is not good to going out for lunch and do not understand at least one joke. =/ . English was the salvation, but very limited. I hoped to know more about every worker in this company, practice more and laugh more during our meetings, sharing our thoughts.
In overall, I do recommend this company for internship and for those wanting to learn about the topics mentioned above and especially the Korean lifestyle. At Mintech an IT student will be in touch with new technologies, live a Korean environmnent and learn a lot professionally and personally.
Thank everyone very much and I am sorry for not meeting each other more because of my poor Korean!
Hope to see you again someday.

Thales Brant Ferreira
KAIST Student and Brazilian Intern (Winter-2014)
email: thalesbrante@gmail.com
fb: thalesbferreira

2014 겨울 방학 인턴 후기 – 김서영

처음 회사에서 인턴을 하기로 마음 먹었을 때 설렘 반, 두려움 반의 마음을 갖고 있었다. 안드로이드 프로그래밍을 해본 적이 없었기 때문이다. 그런 마음을 갖고 인턴을 시작하여 처음 며칠동안의 짧은 안드로이드 프로그래밍 입문을 위한 간단한 코딩을 해본 후, ‘redmine-android’라는 팀프로젝트에 들어가게 되었다. 처음 프로젝트에 들어가게 되었을 때, 제대로 할 줄 아는 것도 하나도 없는데 프로젝트에 투입되어서 솔직히 말해 겁이 났다. ‘redmine-android’는 내가 들어가게 되었을 때 이미 어느정도 진척이 많이 된 상황이었기 때문에 코드가 상당하였고, 프로젝트에서 하려는 바가 무엇인지, 또 Redmine이 무엇을 하는 것인지 몰랐기 때문이다. 하지만, 회사분위기가 서로를 격려해주고 도와주는 분위기였기 때문에 이내 겁을 떨쳐버리고 프로젝트에서 내게 할당된 일감과 역할을 소화해낼 수 있었다.
무엇보다도 회사에서 인턴을 하면서 팀 프로젝트가 어떻게 돌아가는지에 대해 알 수 있어서 좋은 경험이 되었다. 여태까지 해본 팀프로젝트라하면 학교에서 대충 팀원들끼리 모여 팀프로젝트를 한 것이 전부였는데, 회사에서 팀프로젝트를 해보니 프로젝트를 체계적으로 어떻게 진행을 하며, 어떤 역할 분배를 하는지, 어떻게 하여 팀원들간의 커뮤티케이션을 하는지 등을 배울 수 있었다. 또한 인턴임에도 불구하고 다같이 모여 인수회의, 회고, 스탠드업미팅, 유저빌리티 회의, 코드리뷰 등을 같이 진행할 수 있는 기회를 주셨기에, 회의에서도 적극적으로 참여하여 최대한 많은 기여를 할 수 있도록 노력해 볼 수 있었다. 또한 팀원들 또한 다같이 열심히 하고, 프로젝트에 대한 열정을 갖고, 회고를 통해 나왔던 액션플랜을 다음 스프린트 때 지키고 발전해나가려고 하며, 긍정적인 마인드를 갖고 있는 좋은 분들이었기 때문에 같은 팀에서 일하는데 너무 많은 좋은 영향을 받을 수 있었던 것 같다.
두 달이라는 짧고도 긴 시간동안 프로젝트부터 앱 출시까지 정말 다양한 경험을 해보게 해주셔서 감사하다.