Mintech Internship

Mintech ­ Internship
André Monteiro
Date: 22 July of 2013
My experience on the company was better than expected, mainly because instead of only study I could help the company with my work, and it became part of the final product. It was a great opportunity and will improve my curriculum.
Working on this company helped me learning iOS, a technology that I was planning to study deeply, but here I could study and get experience, so that now I can work with it if I have the opportunity. The period of 2 months instead 3 weeks like the majority of the companies was essential for this.
The company is great, it’s well located, many places to eat nearby. And I felt valued because it provided food, a paid trip for Jeju and rewards for the good work.
What should improve is the assistance to the employee with the new technology, some explanations about it and how the product interacts with the technology would be really useful; A better understanding of the environment would be necessary, but because we had an older employee helping us it was not so necessary. All my activities was supervised by my coach, so for each mistake I made he gave me some tips.
The difference of languages was some problem, but it didn’t affect the work at all, but it affected the way I interacted with the members of the company. Although this, they helped me every time I needed.
By my impressions I could advice others students to work on this company, it’s very different from the others in a good way. Here the employee always have something to work on, and if you have some trouble you can always skip it and find another task to do.

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